Beneteau 31 "Halfway Too"



Pete’s 31-foot Beneteau, Halfway Too, was built in 2008, and some modifications had been made to its electrical system. At a presentation by PYS at the False Creek Yacht Club, he sensed that they were knowledgeable and their opinions could be trusted, so he arranged for them to carry out an electrical audit of his boat. In doing so, they discovered that some of the electrical additions to the boat, while not particularly dangerous, were a bit “on the edge” in terms of safety. PYS included Pete in the process and took the time to diagram the entire electrical system, explaining how everything worked. "PYS demystified the system for me," Pete says, "and made me more aware of the electrical side of things." 

The service provided by PYS was absolutely excellent, states Pete. They are first-rate, honest, straightforward, and very good professionals.

PYS prioritized their suggestions—Pete never had the feeling they were trying to make work for themselves—and rewired the circuits to make sure the system was running safely and efficiently. Pete says PYS did the work incredibly well, and he was pleased that the boat was left in immaculate condition. More recently, PYS helped Pete deal with a spill of battery fluid, which probably occurred during a routine service undertaken by someone else. "I feel more confident that my boat's electrical system is working well," he says.