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Silverton 38 - "Hot Tamale"

Electrical terminology is like a different language. It's very difficult for a lay person to understand. I really liked the way PYS made everything very easy to understand

- Tom

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Twin Deck Pilothouse 54 - "Mystery Star"

PYS always make sure they put safety systems in place. They are very safety-oriented and very competent."

- Rob

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Bayliner 4087 - "Running Wild"

I was going to tackle this stuff myself and I’m certainly glad I didn’t. I’ve already recommended PYS to other people.

- Keith

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Nova Sundeck 42 - "NiQuay"

PYS' workmanship was great and I definitely have great peace of mind knowing that my boat's electrical system will not be an issue while I'm out on the water.

- Andy

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Sundancer 38 - "Luna-Sea"

PYS made sure I understood what the end result would be and wanted to know that I'd be happy with the result.

- Rudy

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Grand Banks 46 - " Lady Suzanne"

I feel a lot more comfortable with the AC-DC electrical system after PYS upgraded it, I'm confident enough that if there's a problem, I can get to the bottom of it.

- Bryan

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