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Bayliner 47 Pilot House - "Ava Grace"

I would be remiss in not mentioning that last summer, as we embarked on our coveted annual vacation, a mechanical failure caused a breakdown of our main inverter and charging system. With a young family and limited time on our hands, at the peak of the summer cruising season, I was so incredibly impressed when Jeff himself arrived with our new inverter and then climbed down into my engine room and took care of the swap of our new inverter which allowed us to leave with only a small delay to our holidays. (Thanks again Jeff!). I would not hesitate to recommend Jeff and his PYS Team to any friends and fellow boaters.

- Mark Cooper, Shakespeare Homes

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Carver 44 - "Hijinx"

PYS gets five stars from me. This company earns customer loyalty!

- David

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Hunter 38 - "Kalerin"

PYS did what they said they would do, in the time frame they gave me, states Doug. There were no surprises, which isn't always the case when someone works on your boat.

- Doug

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Gulfstar 44 - "Fancy Free"

PYS is totally professional. The work is done meticulously and the jobs are always properly finished.

- Andrew

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Canoe Cove 47 - "Cantu"

I have no problem recommending PYS to other boaters. They do good work.

- Mike

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Searay 47 - "Bebebito"

Having an inverter/charger system on my boat makes it more suitable for what we're doing. It's so quiet now, it allows us to hang out with the sailboats.

- Chris

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