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How Much Battery Power Is Enough?

Growing up in my house, it was quite common to hear, “Turn the lights off when you leave the room” or “Who left the lights on? Do you think we are made of money?” Now that I have my own house, I get it. But what about on the boat? Many marinas have replaced the flat cost per day or cost per month with metered power so it makes sense to know how much your boat draws when you are not there. Are you using an efficient fan or a heater with a thermostat that turns off when the weather warms up? These are easy things to do and don’t affect the way you use your boat, however what about when you are at anchor or tied up at an outstation without power? How much power is enough?

DIY Electrical Audit

There is nothing more rewarding than an enjoyable day on the boat, especially if that day is trouble-free. It doesn’t happen all the time but if you have a good understanding of your electrical system and spend the time to perform regular maintenance then the trouble days will be few and far between.

Top 4 Electrical Recommendations For Your Boat

At this time of year, boaters are busy thinking about getting the boat ready for the summer. Armed with a "to do" list and a bag of brochures from the boat show, it is time to get organized. It is also a good time to look a buying a new boat or a new-to-you boat, but where to start? And when it comes to the electrical, where should you invest your money? We get this question a lot so we decided to give you our top 4 picks.

The Evolution of the Marine Inverter In Our Own Backyard

The evolution of the marine inverter industry reads like a Pacific Northwest mini-series. As the story goes, it is the mid-70’s and a boater, Steve Johnston, meets an off-grid engineer, Heart Ackerman, on a beach in Costa Rica. At the time, they were both using Tripp-Lite inverters which they found unreliable and not terribly sophisticated. Steve specialized in mechanical engineering and Heart specialized in electrical engineering. The duo returned to Washington State................

Understand Your Battery Monitor While Charging

If you don’t have a battery monitor on your boat, we highly recommend having one installed. It’s similar to a fuel gauge and speedometer for your house batteries and it really takes the guesswork out of managing your energy consumption. We have written a number of articles on how battery monitors work but we recently received a request from a boater to interpret his battery monitor while the batteries are being charged from three different sources, the generator, the alternator and shore power.

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