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Is Your Navigation Equipment In Need Of A Makeover?

There is an old saying that “you shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” but what happens when you purchase a boat, or own a boat, that has a collection of different systems, from different manufacturers, that may have been high quality but are now dated and don’t allow for integration? Should you get rid of everything and start over? Or is there an opportunity to use some new technology to re-purpose some of that gear?

Tips For Installing AIS On Your Boat

AIS stands for Automatic Identification System and that is exactly what it does. When asked about AIS, we often use the example of exchanging virtual boat “business cards" on the water. AIS information includes the vessel name, call sign, vessel size, and navigation data such as present location, course on ground, and speed on ground.

April Electronics Issue

Last month we took a look at some of the year’s most popular electronics as well as a couple of products we thought you might find interesting. This month we are going to take look at some of the products that won an Innovation Award either at the Miami International Boat Show, IBEX or METSTRADE. The winning products had to have an innovative distinction from other products currently available, provide benefit to the marine industry, and provide practicality of use.

March Electronics 2018

One of the biggest advancements we saw this year were improved screen viewability, not only for large cruisers but also for recreational fishing boats and day cruisers. The other trend that we continue to see is electronics with enhanced capabilities at a reduced cost. Options that were only available on larger commercial vessels and high-end yachts are now available for recreational boats. Advancements in radar, AIS and digital monitoring are making boating safer for all sizes of vessels.

Holiday Gadget Gift List 2017

Our top picks for gifts this season including a new inverter/charger, a state of charge monitor, a smart AIS transponder with WiFi and a slick new sound panel to give your boat that true theater experience.

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