Solutions - Our Approach

The Four Aspects of a Pacific Yacht Systems Solution

You may want a whole system designed or merely have some components installed. You may need malfunctioning equipment serviced, or you may need our support so you can use your existing systems effectively. We can provide the entire solution or just one aspect-whatever you need.

The benefits of dealing with PYS work together to simplify your boating experience. And that means you have more time to enjoy your boat! To view the PYS advantage, click here.


Systems designed to work the way you do, making your boating experience easy and comfortable.

Design can be as large or small as you want, but it's our ability to make boating simple—by design that makes Pacific Yacht Systems unique.

We start off by asking some very basic questions:

  • How would you like to use your boat?
  • What barriers prevent you from getting there?
  • We then assess your vessel's current electrical and electronic capabilities.

Once we have a thorough understanding of your boat we propose a design solution customized to your vessel, that will meet your needs.

Pacific Yacht Systems always thinks about the big picture. That is why we take a systems-based approach to even the smallest jobs.


Installation using quality components that meet industry standards and look as good as they function.

Our job is to take sophisticated technology and make using it simple. That means:

  • The system is easy to operate.
  • Our work is dependable and long-lasting.
  • Good-quality components are well integrated and reliable.
  • We apply our up-to-date and extensive knowledge of ABYC and NMEA codes.
  • You enjoy the benefits of our specific expertise as certified dealers/installers for industry leaders such as Raymarine and Garmin.
  • No eyesores! Our work delivers form as well as function.

Service you can rely on to get you back on the water as quickly as possible.

Pacific Yacht System's goal is to get you back on the water as soon as possible. That means doing it right the first time-every time.

  • Our broad understanding of marine systems allows us to quickly and accurately diagnose the problem.
  • Our own experience and our relationships with a myriad of vendors allow us to tap into deep technical resources, to promptly identify the most appropriate course of action.
  • Our up-to-date knowledge of best practices helps us provide a long-lasting and reliable solution to the problem.

If possible, we provide our clients with troubleshooting assistance remotely.


Support that ensures you get the most from your new marine system.

Our job doesn't end when we've got your system up and running. Perhaps the most important part of what we do is to ensure that it is easy for you to use. We help you learn how to use your system to its full potential, and provide follow-up support.