The Solbian All-In-One Solar Panel

The Solbian ALLinONE is the first flexible solar panel built with a charge controller installed directly on the panel. Solbian combines the high efficiency SunPower solar cells with an advanced ultra compact MPPT charge regulator in a flexible solar panel.  High efficiency at the smallest area possible, and easy to install. SunPower solar cells with 23% efficiency, together with a MPPT charger with up to 99% efficiency, give these solar panels the highest power output possible.

The Solbian ALLinONE panels are available in 23, 47 and 72 Watt, in a 12 and 24 Volt version. With the very compact measurements, suitable for every boat or recreational vehicle.  

The 23 Watt version measures only 60 x 30 cm, the waterproof MPPT is 1.5 cm high and takes the space of one solar cell. The 47 Watt version is available in a square version of 60 X by 54 cm and a long version, 110 X 29 cm. The most powerful version, the 72 Watt has a size of 85 X 54 cm. And like all Solbian panels the ALLinONE is flexible and lightweight, for each type of installation on deck, roof or canvas.


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Fully weather-proof
5 year power output warranty
If the panel or controller fail, you have to replace the entire panel

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