Simrad EG50 EPIRB

Models: EP50:MAN, EP50:AUTO

Simrad’s EG50 EPIRB maximizes the chance of user survival and recovery by providing rapid indication to rescue authorities of distress situations, enabling them to use satellite location technology with extreme accuracy anywhere in the world. Highly rated by maritime professionals as well as leisure users, the EG50 has a powerful integral GPS 16-channel GPS engine and automatically activates on contact with water. Two-part bulkhead brackets prevent accidental activation, and intelligent diagnostic features and user self-test facilities ensure that your EPIRB will always be ready for use. Featuring a 406 MHz distress alert and a 121.5 MHz homing beacon, the compact EG50 has a five-year battery life and is available in open deck or indoor installation models for convenient access, peace of mind and complete safety coverage.



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Five year battery life
Non-hazardous battery for easy, low cost transportation
Fitted with integral state of the art 16-channel GPS engine
Models for open deck or indoor installation
Compact and stylish
Four different versions are available - suitable for all types of boat
Costs close to $1,000

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