Oceanview Apollo II

Model: Thermal and low-light, thermal only, low-light only, HD

The Oceanview Apollo II is an economic, rugged, easy to use, and dual high Resolution Thermal and Ultra-Low Light Camera System.  The pan & tilt camera head is remotely mounted and offers a 360° two-speed continuous pan.   The Apollo II provides industry standard NTSC or PAL video output and can support up to two controllers, while giving the ability to check up on your vessel from the comfort of your home or office. The pan & tilt housing used by the Apollo II is a marine proven cast aluminum that is designed to provide outstanding protection for the camera system.

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Pros Cons
Check on your vessel from the comfort of your home or office
Viewable under any light conditions
On screen camera direction indicator and LCD controller
2x digital zoom on thermal imager
Relative weakness of video stabilization
Software for stabilization costs an extra $3000

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