MOB + Wireless Kill Switch

The MOB+ Wireless Cut-Off Switch consists of a hub, which installed in the boat and a fob, which can be worn inside the wristband, on your lifejacket or in your pocket.  When the wireless connection between the hub and the fob is broken, either because the operator fell in the water or moved 15 meters from the hub, the engine will stop instantly.  As an extra feature, the engine can be re-started after six seconds, allowing the others onboard to rescue the person in the water.

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Mounted in-line with your existing kill switch
If the fob battery dies you can hold the hub button for 13 seconds to manually override
Uses the proprietary WiMEA Protocol that does not interfere with other wireless systems
Can be installed in all boats with all engine configurations with simple plug-and-play connections
To manually override the system, you must insert a jumper hat on the back of the hub unit

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