Mastervolt ChargeMaster 12/100-3

Mastervolt’s 3-step+ charging method guarantees optimum efficiency, meaning your batteries will perform better and last much longer. Its direct current outlet is so clean that the battery charger itself can be used as a direct power source, even without a battery. Furthermore, this battery charger has a unique memory function which prevents the charger from starting a new 3-step charge cycle if the supply voltage is interrupted. The model is equipped with an LED status indicator displaying the stage of the 3-step charge cycle while several remote panels are available as option for even more convenience.

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Supports gel/AGM/wet/Lithium Ion battery types
Automatic 3-step+ charging algorithm
Supports 3 non-paralleled outputs (1: 100A, 2: 10A, 3: 10A)
Supports up 1000 Ahr battery bank
Accomodates AC 120/230V input
Supplies both floor and wall mounting brackets
Quiet operation 52 dBA
Does not support TPPL

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