Product Lists

Popular Navigation

A handful of innovative navagation products to get you to your destination, no matter where you want to be.


Summer Picks

Ready for the boating season? These hot products are available just in time for the summer!

Entertainment on the Water

Bringing guests on-board or cruising the waters yourself? Provide countless days of entertainment with these tried and true products in audio, video, and internet. 

Boat Peace of Mind

Have you ever wondered about your boat's situation when you at not aboard? These products provide status and security insights at the convenience of your own home.

Power First

We all love our toys and gadgets, but having a good power/electrical system should come first. These featured products will help keep your boat running and charged for more time at sea.

Summer Safety

Summer cruising is commencing but we must all be aware of the risks. These key safety products help keep you safe at sea.

VHF - A Must Have

Each and every vessel should be equipped with a VHF DSC for safety measures in the case of an emergency. The push of a single button will send out a distress call to all DSC equipped vessels and shore stations within range. Some of our favourite VHF radios include features such as voice recording and pre-recorded messages. 

Boundless Communication

Ever leave the docks wishing you had sent out that urgent email or text message? These range of products offer connectivity offshore while you cruise, worry free.   

Winter Value

Some of the best solutions for an affordable price. Many of these devices support multiple functions and incorporate different technologies to provide you the best value.

Navigation on Mobile Phones and Tablets

These products add on to your current phone or tablet enabling it to become a premium navigation device.

All about Safety

There are many different products the market offers to keep your vessels safe at sea. Here are some to look into. 

Value Picks

These electronic gadgets will get you the best bang for your buck. Make sure you don't miss out!

Summer 2013 - Popular Products

Looking for a new gadget this summer? These are some of the hottest products currently on the market. Act quick to get your hands on these goodies!

Navigation Needs

GPS navigation can assist you with every turn you. These navigation units have many different features to suite your various needs both on water and on the road.

VIBS 2013 - Our Favourite Electronics

Look out for our favourite electronics at the upcoming Vancouver International Boat Show taking place Family Day weekend February 7-11. Lookout for your favourite manufacturers to demo their latest products. And don't forget, come check us out and see what we can do for you.

Our Recommended Safety Products

With boater safety becoming increasingly important, we at PYS want to ensure that your boat is well equipped for whatever may come your way. This list contains a variety of safety related products, ranging from night vision electronics to personal AIS devices.

Popular Multi-function Displays - What is ideal for you?

With all the new technology and many more features, finding a MFD that is right for you is a tough task. This list provides a few popular MFDs that have their strengths and weaknesses. Ranging from the popular Furuno NavNet TZTouch to the brand new Raymarine a-series Touchscreen MFDs, there are a wide array of features offered by each MFD. By browsing through, you can discover for yourself which MFD best fits your needs and have it installed on your boat as soon as possible.

Summer 2012 - New and Popular Products

These recently released products are hot topics on blogs such as This will open you up to the possibilities for various electronics you could have on your boat, so that your boat has the most up-to-date technology. This list features one product from each of our four major categories: power, navigation, entertainment, and communication.

Newly Released Apps by Raymarine

Just a few weeks ago in May, Raymarine released it's RayControl and RayRemote apps to add to their existing RayView app. These apps enable users to control e and c-Series multifunction displays wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet, and are available for Apple iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

The RayControl app allows you to have two-way control between your MFD and your mobile device. RayRemote can help you turn your smartphone into a remote for your MFD. RayView allows you to stream your MFD screen directly to your tablet or smartphone.

To learn more about these apps, visit the Raymarine website. Also, be sure also to check out the video about the apps here.

PYS' Favourite Products

Our goal of providing our clients with simple solutions and installing products that will make their boating more enjoyable and comfortable, we have come up with this list of products.

VIBS 2012 - Our Favourite Electronics

In preparation for the Vancouver International Boat Show, running February 8-12, we have compiled a list of our favourite electronics products for the boat. Come by booth #322 to see a complete list and talk with an expert technician about what is right for you and your boat.

VIBS 2012 - Our Favourite Electrical Products

In preparation for the Vancouver International Boat Show, running February 8-12, we have compiled a list of our favourite electrical items for a boat. Attend one of Jeff's Electrical 101 presentations at the boat show and come chat with us at our booth about an Electrical Audit.

Winter 2011 Innovative Navigation Products

Is your navigation system due for an upgrade? These innovative navigation products will get you from point A to point B, and everywhere in between, with confidence.

Easy to Install Products

Some electronics are easier to install than others. The easiest products should have instructions that are well thought out by the manufacturer. They should include everything you need right in the box and connectors and cables should be clearly marked.

Favourite iPad Apps

When you combine all three of these apps, you get charting, news and entertainment material, AIS data on large ships around the world, and data from your on-board sensors.

This is great for visitors or for yourself to keep an eye on what's going on around your boat and around the world. With all three, you get a complete package of information and entertainment for relaxing on the deck.

Equipment to Simplify Battery Management

When you're out on the water, these products will make your battery system easier to monitor and operate. Knowing the charge status of your batteries takes the guesswork out of when to charge them, a feature only a battery monitor can provide.

All in all, clear information and less involvement from you will make your batteries easier to manage.

2011 Most Popular Items for an Improved Electrical System

When boaters make the jump to stay at anchor more frequently, an improvement to their DC and AC system is often required. Even though boats and their uses differ from one another, here is a list of electrical products we often recommend and install on boats.

Staff Picks for Fall 2011

These are some of the products we install regularly, like to use ourselves, and hear great things about from many happy clients. Different opinions? Let us know what are your favourite marine products.