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Upgrading from Flooded to AGM Batteries – What Setting Do I Change Including My Solar Controller?, on Jul 04, 2017 asked:

Last year I installed a Gioco 130W solar panel with a Genasun GV-10 Pb controller to charge my older flooded lead acid batteries along with a Victron BMV-700 Series battery monitor. I have just purchased brand new AGM batteries and I am wondering what steps I have to take before replacing the old batteries? - Heidi

Heidi, if you are increasing the size of your battery bank, you may have to increase the size of your alternator or add an external regulator. In any case, you will also want to change the settings on your smart battery charger and your battery monitor.  The next step is to change the setting on the solar controller to reflect the new battery type.  In the original packaging, there was a small jumper that was added for flooded batteries.  You will have to remove the 4 screws at the back of the controller and, very carefully, remove the jumper.  For specifics, click here to download the manual.   - Jeff