Ask PYS: Entertainment

Jessica, on Mar 16, 2010 asked:

Does the Fusion iPod deck system accommodate all types of Apple iPods? How does the iPod stay dry?

Hi Jessica,

Indeed, Fusion's "Made for iPod" deck (MS-IP600) is designed to accommodate virtually all the latest iPods. When you buy the Fusion stereo you get a myriad of adapters that accommodate each model. Only the iPod shuffle and the first and second generation iPod Nano are not supported. Successive generations of the Nano and all other iPods are compatible. Here at PYS, we have yet to see a customer whose iPod did not fit.

When using your iPod with Fusion's stereo, your iPod is inserted behind the waterproof faceplate. In fact, this arrangement is very similar to high end car CD players whereby the CD is inserted behind the faceplate. Your iPod stays safe and dry no matter the weather and you control the iPod using the Fusion deck.