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Little Mistakes, Big Problems

Sometimes the quality of a manufacturer's vessel is only as good as its workers. Earlier this year I was working on a client's vessel looking for cable runs. After removing a panel in the aft closet, I came across something that didn't look right. Can you spot it in this photo? Do you see it? Look closely at the horizontal bundle of wires where it goes behind the fabric lining on the right side of the closet. See the five staples through the lining and into the cable bundle? Some worker decided, for whatever reason, that the best place to secure the closet lining was to this cable bundle.



The second photo shows the actual damage. There are several staples piercing the large red cable, which powers the boat's windlass. Beside the red cable is a smaller black cable, which could be a ground wire. There are two staples that actually pass right through the black wire and out the other side. Luckily these wires didn't short out. Most likely this was done right at the factory. This kind of carelessness can cause any manner of electrical problems, or even a fire, and is something that we see more often then we should.


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