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Set your sights on better WiFi with The Bullet

In today's connected world, many marinas understand the importance of providing WiFi internet access to their patrons. But with the size of some marinas and the range limitations of WiFi, when you are sitting in the cabin of your vessel hunched over your laptop, you may find your internet access lacking. I know personally, I have at times tried to point my laptop in different directions or tried changing locations to get a better WiFi signal. Wouldn't it be great if you had a larger WiFi antenna located on the outside of your boat? Now you can.

A company called Ubiquiti networks has a device they call "The Bullet". The Bullet can make almost any RF antenna into a boosted WiFi antenna. This small device, which can be attached directly to an antenna with an N-Type connector, simply plugs into a standard network cable. No other connections are needed. The Bullet can connect to free WiFi hotspots and is also compatible with secured networks (WEP, WPA and WPA2). Ubiquiti claims up to 11 Km (7 mile) range depending on the antenna used and router strength. With range like that you could even be anchored off shore and still surf the net! Look for complete kits like the Rogue Wave from Wave WiFi.

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