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Need a HUG?

It's 4 am in the morning and your cell phone alerts you to a high water alarm on your 34' Sea Ray. You may lose a few hours of sleep this morning but you have saved your boat. All thanks to a simple yet ingenious device called the SPOT Hug. Improving upon SPOTS amazing line of products, the HUG enters the market with an amazing list of features that introduce a new level of safety and security for you and your vessel.

The SPOT HUG, which consists of a Tracker with built-in GPS and satellite transmitter, a Wireless Keypad and two Key FOBs, monitors your boat's position and detects any unauthorized movement, automatically alerting a 24/7 Asset Monitoring Center with its GPS coordinates. The Asset Monitoring Center will notify the appropriate parties of the event, including the registered boat owner and local authorities where available. The HUG comes equipped with Sensor Alert capabilities, an established SPOT messaging feature for sending messages via satellite to others, including a private GEOS International Emergency Response Center. It is important to note that the HUG is not an EPIRB and should never be substituted as one.

Just need a tow? The HUG gives you the option of using the "Help" button instead of the "SOS" button, allowing you to summon non-life saving assistance. On and off the boat, the HUG is also a satellite communication device that can let you send an "I'm OK" message and a GPS location to allow your friends and relatives to track your voyage.

All of the HUG's onboard devices can be safely powered by your boat's battery (which is also monitored by the HUG) or operate solely using AA lithium batteries. Equipped with four external sensor contacts, along with high bilge water alarm, the SPOT HUG also provides monitoring and notification for events such as a door being left ajar and smoke detection.

SPOT HUG promotional video.

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