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Pacific Yacht Systems is based in Vancouver B.C. and specializes in marine electronics and electrical systems. We provide customized solutions for vessels of all sizes (powerboats or sailboats). We serve boat owners across the Lower Mainland and in other areas of coastal B.C. We are proud members of the ABYC and NMEA and are certified dealers/installers of Garmin and Raymarine navigation systems.

Our customized solutions include design, installation, service and support activities. Our technicians have the expertise to work with power, navigation, communications and entertainment systems onboard your vessel. Pacific Yacht Systems works with you to maximize safety, comfort and performance so that your boat is right for you. To learn more about the solutions we offer, visit our Solutions page.

Although PYS does not sell products, we can keep you better informed and even hep you make your purchase decisions. For this, we created the Product Reviews and Ask PYS pages on our website. If you have any questions about your boat you would like answered, email ask@pysystems.ca. PYS also has a regular column, aptly named Tech Talk, in Pacific Yachting magazine. The column discusses topics related to the changing world of technology and boating, and how electronics and electrical systems help create a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

The benefits of dealing with PYS work together to simplify your boating experience. And that means you have more time to enjoy your boat!

Pacific Yacht Systems is the vision of Jeff Cote.

The PYS Advantage

The benefits of dealing with PYS work together to simplify your boating experience. And that means you have more time to enjoy your boat!

For a start, here’s a list of our advantages:

Advantage #1: Tailor-made solutions

Before PYS sets to work, we discuss how you use your boat. We ask about your expectations. Then we design the system that works for you.

Result: The boating experience you want.

A client says it best: He redid the entire boat—an absolute change in life. The service was professional and the quality exceptional. PYS really, really improved my boat and my boating experience.

- Dave, Sea Ray 370 AC

Advantage #2: Boater to Boater

We understand what you need on your boat and why—we are boaters too.

Result: We hear you.

There's nothing PYS can't do—they are unique in this business. When they call manufacturers, they can talk engineer to engineer, but when they talk to me, it's boater to boater.

-Grant, Hunter 45

Advantage #3: We keep you in the loop

At PYS, communicating with our clients is a priority, from explaining our approach to providing status updates. We stay in touch.

Result:You are always engaged . . . after all, it is your boat.

In the words of a client: PYS is as much a teacher as an installer - they help people learn about their boat.  Everything we did, I knew exactly why we were doing it and how it fit into the big picture.

-Mark, Catalina 36 MkII

Advantage #4: PYS relies on teamwork

Our techs bring individual expertise and collective experience to the brainstorming table.

Result: The right solution, every time.

A client’s first-hand comments about the benefits of team effort: PYS is thorough and precise. They are the very best of the best with electrical problems; they make a lot of effort to put the finish on the finish the first time!

- Dennis, Carver 36

Advantage #5: PYS delivers

PYS has a fleet of fully stocked service vehicles. We take our expertise to you, whether your boat is on land or in the water. We can also help provide haul-out services and docking slips at local marinas in the Lower Mainland.

Result: Convenience, on your schedule.

Here’s what one of our clients had to say: PYS drove out to Chilliwack on a Saturday to get the project started. On completion, they arranged to meet me on the water to explain how the entire system worked.

- Pat, Seaswirl 2601

Advantage #6: Standards - they make good sense

Knowing and following accepted standards means that others will understand our solutions. Our systems are straightforward and easy to comprehend.

Result: Solutions you know, solutions you trust

The surveyor stated that the DC electrical system in this Beneteau 42 First [as designed and installed by PYS] was the best he had ever seen.

- Lyall, Beneteau 42 First

Advantage #7: Care beyond compare

We follow up with each client. It’s our priority that you understand every aspect of your boat’s electrical and electronic systems. And we’re always available if you run into any questions.

Result: Service beyond the ordinary.

In a client’s own words: I am extremely satisfied with the quality of PYS’ work and their after-sale support. I know I can call them whenever I have problems with my boat, and that's a good feeling.

  - Barney, Grenfell 36

Advantage #8: We guarantee what we do

PYS provides a two-year warranty on all of our services. You can trust that our solutions will do what they’re meant to do.

Result: Peace of mind

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